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Tips for creating an eco-friendly bathroom

Everyone these days is interested in making their home more eco-friendly. People invest in solar panels and double pane windows to lower the consumption of energy. However there is one room which is often overlooked when it comes to making eco friendly changes. There are certain ways in which you can turn your bathroom into an eco-friendly place. Simply keep the following tips in mind

Be careful about the water usage

The majority of the water usage is because of the amount of water that you use in your bathroom. Conserving water is one way to make sure that you are making your bathroom eco friendlier. You can reduce the consumption of water in the following ways

  • Talk to the plumber at plumbing services in Melbourne to install low flowing faucets, toilets and shower heads.
  • Also make sure to close off the taps when not in use
  • Refrain from wasting water and only open the taps when required.

Make sure that the bathroom is properly ventilated

You need to get rid of the humidity in your bathroom. You also go to consider the fumes from the cleaning agents that you use. A bathroom which is properly ventilated, is one way you can breathe easier.

You can provide ventilation with the help of a small fan. You can get help from your plumber to have a small fan installed for ventilation. This will not only help improve the quality of the air but would also prevent the mold from growing into the bathroom. The window allows the air to flow freely.

Make use of eco-friendly cleaning products

The experts at plumbing services in Melbourne recommend the use of Eco friendly cleaning products for the bathroom. The usual chemicals available in the market are also harmful for the pipes and drains present in the washroom. On the other hand eco-friendly cleansers are a lot gentler and do not destroy the drains in the long run.

There are ways in which you can make your own cleaning products with the help of vinegar and lemon. If you still plan on buying commercial cleaning products you need to make sure that they have eco-friendly written at the back.

Switch to a tank less water heater model

One of the ways in which you can win save on the utility bills is by getting rid of hot water tank which stores gallons in gallons of water. A tank less water heater model does not have a tank of water which needs to be kept eating over time but it only heats up when required. You can ask your plumbers to make sure that they get a tank less water heater for you.

By keeping the above mentioned things in mind you can ensure that your bathroom becomes as eco-friendly as possible. Always call in the services of the professionals at plumbing services in Melbourne.

Turn to a trustworthy and knowledgeable plumber in Melbourne for advice on turning your current bathroom into an eco-friendly one.

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