Country-style house: protagonists of wood and raw materials

Exteriors in exposed stone, stone materials, wood, bricks, terracotta floors … are the finishes of the typical country-style house that is part of the common imagination. Reassuring and “material”, elegantly rustic, the country-style house recalls that of the old country houses and represents the right mood for those who want to furnish an apartment in the open or even recreate those same atmospheres in the city.

Solid and resistant, the furnishings of the country-style house are generally made of solid wood, the undisputed protagonist with its veins and imperfections even in the eventual imitations guaranteed by laminates and melamine. The accessories are also rustic, made with raw materials.

In the country-style house the typical colors are the warm ones (brown in all shades, ocher yellow and red or even dark green) and natural materials, in particular wood for furniture, floors or even walls. Accessories and decorative details used to heat the room are wicker baskets, copper pots, vases with dried flowers … in rooms topped by exposed wooden beams …

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