5 Reasons Why Gardening Is Good For Your Mental Health

Planting is an exciting hobby that is managed by many people in the world and is a popular antidote to securing good mental health. Mental health, in the world of today, serves as a great ordeal for every age group in the society. It is one of the most progressing forms of medical problems that exists in the modern world with no such cure but rather ways of improving it. One such way to enhance mental health is through garden maintenance adelaide. Many studies have shown its magnifying impact over mental health and reasons why it has proven to be of great sustenance. Here are a few reasons why it is good for your health.


The act of adopting plants and raising them into bigger plants with flowers and trees is only acquired through various forms of exercise. When you plough seeds, you are using a rake to make the soil adjustable to the planting. Cutting the grass using a lawn mower takes a bit of strength that can only be termed as exercise. Moreover, with the eradication of hedges and unnecessary bushes creates a good grip in hands. All these tasks enhance our exercising skills which we all know have a good impact over our health.

Mood booster

There is something about growing a small seed into a big plant that blooms with flowers and trees that offer a cool shelter over your head which makes you happy about gardening. This happiness is accompanied by the release of endorphins which is a mood booster hormone and is released when the brain is pumping and excited.

Exposure to sunlight

With adopting plants and taking care of the plants that you have adopted, you are exposed to the warm sunlight. Many studies have shown that the natural sunlight is good for our health and is a cause of obtaining vitamin D which keeps our skins fresh and seeing ourselves fresh can only create a good image in our brain.

Sense of achievement

When you have acquired the art of gardening, you get a sense of achievement by seeing your plants grow from little seeds into big leaves and flowers or fruits. This provides a sense of success which is favoured by the brain and creates a good mental health posture for people.

Meeting new people

With planting as a new hobby, you engage in markets and places that were previously unknown to you. This offers you a place of social meetups that helps you engage with new people who can easily become your friends in the near future. Having a network of support and care is very important for sustaining good mental health.

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